Artificial Turf Maintenance

After 10+ years of installing the best artificial turfs in Arizona we’ve seen a growing demand for professionally servicing those lawns. We are now scheduling monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual lawn service for all of our customers.

Nobody knows artificial lawns like the professionals from Tucson Turf. We have installed more turf than anybody in Southern Arizona…EVER. We did this through hard work, great service, and always finding quality products at a fair price for our customers. Combined with our award-winning service our business has been going strong and growing for over 10 years.

Like most products there are certain services that can be done to help get the most out of them ( example: shampooing your carpets or waxing your vehicles ). We are excited to bring these services to all of our great customers throughout Southern Arizona.

We have your information on file so getting on schedule is as easy as:

  1. Call 520-240-7276 or email
  2. Getting a price breakdown (prices are based on each individual lawn)
  3. Get on schedule

There are many benefits to having your lawn professionally cared for by Tucson Turf:

  • Having it serviced by a Tucson Turf professional can ensure there are no problems with your warranty.
  • Our lawn professionals use the best tools and methods in the industry.
  • Because of our experience we can see things that regular landscapers might not see.
  • Our services are done expediently on a schedule that works best for you, your family and your pets.
  • We can help keep pets areas as fresh and sanitary as possible with the very best professional methods and products.
  • We can add years to your investment through our services.
  • With our services we can help keep your lawns safer for children and pets.
  • We can identify and provide solutions to future issues before they become bigger and sometimes unfixable.
  • We can provide fragrance and anti-bacterial options.
  • We are local and are proud to help keep your lawn as fresh looking as the day we installed it!

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning, power brooming, seaming, fixing wrinkles, adding infill, nailing, edging, deep-blade pressure washing, blowing, lawn fragrance and anti-bacterial treatments

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Power Brooming
Power Brooming
Example of Our Work
Before Professional Power Brooming 1/2"
Before Professional Power Brooming 1/2"
After Professional Brooming 1 & 1/2"
After Professional Brooming 1 & 1/2"